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Feb 232018
Illustration, tattoo

Long in the making, this is a design for a half-sleeve tattoo soon to be inked on a good friend by Inkidge Tattoos, Redruth. The illustration combines his passion for electric guitars and music with symbols of the elements and a flavour of Japanese art. Cosmic Rock! It feels like a big responsibility designing something that’s going permanently on the skin of a close friend. I’m probably more nervous than he is!

Cinderella gigglemug!

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Nov 272016

Miracle Theatre, gigglebox, Princess Pavilion

What’s a Cinderella gigglemug? Remember ‘that thing at a fairground that you poke your head through while your friend takes a funny picture’? I painted one a while back for the nice folk at Miracle Theatre and they wanted another for Cinderella – this year’s Christmas Pantomime at The Princess Pavilion, Falmouth. This meant painting over the old one and creating a new design featuring an ugly sister and a pumpkin/bomb-bearing rat(!?) I’m sure it will all make sense when you see the show – which I recommend you do. Miracle pantomime’s really are always a special treat and a highlight of our Christmas. The ‘Gigglemug’ is now in the foyer of Falmouth Art Gallery and Library on the Moor. Pop in and stick your heads through  ‘that thing at a fairground that you poke your head through while your friend takes a funny picture’, or Gigglemug…

Miracle Theatre, gigglebox, Princess Pavilion, Falmouth Art Gallery

Silly faces at Falmouth Art Gallery. Thanks Alice and unsuspecting passer-by!

Rule Britannia!

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Nov 212016


Rule Britannia! I did this back in the 198os. Thatcher was revelling in her post-Falklands popularity and Britain was ‘great’ again. I’ve dug it up because it seems just as appropriate for our post-Brexit state of affairs. Looks a bit like May too so I won’t bother updating it. Reminded me that when politicians want to make a country ‘great’ again they usually start a war…

Punch and Judy booth opens!

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Jun 012016
signwriting,sign writing,Punch & Judy,illustration

Punch and Judy booth at St. Leonards Chapel, near Skegness.

The Punch and Judy Booth I recently painted for www.amazingcameraobscura.co.uk is up and entertaining the happy folk of Chapel St. Leonards, near bracing Skegness! The Punch & Judy Professor is also happy, as are Lincolnshire Borough Council. Always a pleasure to work with Tony at Amazing Camera Obscuras, who built this booth (in the driving rain, apparently!) and who displays his Amazing Camera Obscuras around the country. If you’re going Glastonbury Festival make sure you experience this Marvel of Nature and Science at the Green Kids Field. See my earlier posts for more on Camera Obscuras!

Punch and Judy sign writing.

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May 252016
Punch and Judy sign writing ready for a sunny seaside summer!



Soon to be installed on a sunny East Coast seafront this Punch and Judy frontage took two weeks to complete. In all the years I’ve been sign writing I think secretly I’ve always wanted to paint one of these.

Tony at www.amazingcameraobscura.co.uk did the construction and build of the complete booth (pics to follow soon..) I love every stage of this kind of job, from the drawing and painting on a large scale to my favourite bit – the beautifully satisfying applying of varnish which almost magically brings out the vibrancy of the colours. That’s the way to do it!


sign writing,illustration,

Gyllyngdune Gardens lost illustration

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Nov 262014

I came across this illustration for an event at Gyllyngdune Gardens, Falmouth and is an example of a ‘lost’ illustration – done for an event that, in the end, didn’t materialise. This can happen occasionally and you’re left with a piece of work nobody sees, hidden away in the portfolio. It’s a shame when it’s a piece you like. But hey-ho, the client paid of course (the lovely Trifle Gathering Productions), and the event went on the following year – and I got to design the poster again!

Gyllyngdune Gardens, Cornwall. Illustration for Trifle Gathering Productions

… and this was the one we used the following year…

Gyllyngdune Gardens, Cornwall. Illustration for Trifle Gathering Productions



Signwriting – Camera Obscura animated

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Oct 162014


This signwriting project is an 8ft x 10ft illustrated facade of portable Camera Obscura, to be sited on Hastings Stade in East Sussex. Camera Obscura made by www.amazingcameraobscura.co.uk

Signwriting of Camera Obscura was recorded over weeks to make this simple stop frame slideshow.

Camera Obscura signwriting completed!

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Oct 062014
The signwriting of the Camera Obscura is complete.

Dipping into the paint over a period of a few weeks and the sign gradually takes shape. Background colours are applied using water based paints prior to adding outlines, text and details. The sign is finished with two coats of varnish. Details include a fishing boat and net sheds  unique to Hastings.

Awaiting delivery to amazingcameraobscura.co.uk for installation on Hastings Stade seafront.


camera obscura sign

Camera Obscura design and signwriting – stage 3

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Jul 142014
Transferring the design to the sign.

By fitting the design into a grid of 20 x 10 I can work out the correct size to transfer to the wood in the workshop.  The design is scaled up and pencil-drawn onto a sheet of primed and undercoated high quality 12mm plywood. Once the design is fully drawn I can cut the profile of the sign using an electric jigsaw. All bare edges are then sanded, primed and undercoated. Prior to starting painting the entire surface is given a light sanding and a second undercoat wash to ensure a smooth surface. The next stage is to attach 2 x 2 square battens to the reverse of the sign in order for it to be later bolted to the front of the Camera Obscura doorway by www.amazingcameraobscura.co.uk


Signwriting,Camera Obscura,Design

Camera Obscura, signwriting, design

Camera Obscura signwriting design

Camera Obscura signwriting build